Eco concept foto
Seeking for an afforable eco-effective holiday house, you may want to consider our concept. We designed a  holidayhouse with sustainable features and style. Totally wood built, this little holiday house is able to keep  the ideal temperature and humidity inside the house and has excellent acoustic properties. Traditional mobile homes are poorly constructed and have a lot of toxic materials in them. Who wants that for a relaxing holiday?

In contrast to this, we designed an eco-effective and environmetally responsible and resource efficient dwelling, that potentially uses solar and wind-energy. It is constructed from non-toxic and recyclable materials. Operation, constructions and maintenance are done in a way that does not effect the environment. The elements at stake here are:

1) site conditions/location

2) building orientation ( east west axis)

3) recyclable building materials

4) windows/doors

5) rooms/uses

6) home layout

7) roofing/walls

8) water system; save what is precious

9) solar system; non polluting power

We designed a mobile home with real beds and tiles in the bathroom, solid wooden doors and strudy doorhandles. Our inspiration comes from Finnish fishinghuts, Swedish sheds and wooden houses as we find them at the American eastcoast and in the Wild West.

If you would like to visti our holidayhouse for an orietation on our concept, please do not hesitate to mail us for an appointment at